Best Scholarship Management Software: Students’ options are becoming increasingly limited as school costs rise. Fortunately, scholarships from both the public and commercial sectors exist to provide opportunities to many deserving students.

The US Department of Education alone gives around $46 billion in scholarships each year (Hanson, 2022).

This means that educational institutions are managing existing scholars while also processing thousands of applicants.

As a result, the scholarship management system has become a critical instrument for ensuring that each scholar receives appropriate advantages.

The finest scholarship administration services help education and scholarship organizations speed up and automate the application process for scholarships.

With it, there is a significant reduction in the amount of paperwork, which allows evaluators to concentrate more on assessing applications.

This leads to a more positive experience for everyone involved. This guide will look at the best scholarship management software available, as well as its key functionality and pricing, to help you decide which one is ideal for your organization.

List of the Best Best Scholarship Management Software

best scholarship management software

1. SmarterSelect: Scholarship Management Software Priced for Non-Profits

SmarterSelect is the best scholarship management software that automates the gathering and evaluation of scholarship applications at universities and other institutions.

It makes it simple for users to collect applications, coordinate assessors, and select award recipients.

Furthermore, using the quick program builder and templates in the Program Library, you can create a frictionless application experience in less than 24 hours.

Using sophisticated automation, the platform saves applicants time while making the application process simple and controllable.

Additionally, because it speeds up the review process for all participants, assessors can collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

2. A versatile submission platform for any industry. is one of the best scholarship management software that seeks to make application management, data analytics, and compliance easier.

From government agencies to television and film production companies, the platform is suitable for any institution that collects feedback from a large number of people.

Educational institutions can use their capabilities to manage education programs spanning from kindergarten to postgraduate.

It is adaptable to any scholarship program on a single platform, simplifying scholarship administration and monitoring.

3. SmartSimple Cloud: A Configurable and Modular Solution for Scholarship Management.

SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive scholarship monitoring program that facilitates collaboration and streamlines the entire award and scholarship process.

From applications and award matching to approvals and reporting, this platform can meet your needs regardless of the complexity or magnitude of the programs managed by the business.

It is built with a set of highly adaptable modules that can be swiftly implemented to meet all of the specialized needs and processes related to the award and financial aid programs.

Users can include, update, or change as much or as little of the SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management as they see fit to ensure that it fully supports their processes and workflows.

4. Submittable: The Easy Scholarship Management Solution

Submittable is an online scholarship administration system that supports talent development, assists reviewers, and streamlines administrative operations for programs of all sizes.

Educational institutions can attract busy potential candidates by providing a simple, modern scholarship application process and great communication tools.

A flexible scholarship application screening approach saves time, assists reviewers, and aids in identifying outstanding candidates.

Administrators can save time on manual activities by centralizing the scholarship administration platform and automating the award and reporting processes.

5. OpenWater: Comprehensive Scholarship Management Software for Multiple Steps

Openwater’s all-in-one scholarship software seamlessly manages the entire multi-step, multi-review process, converting applicants into scholarship awardees.

With OpenWater Scholarships, all responsibilities—by applicants, judges, chairmen, and administrators—are fulfilled in a single, fully integrated system.

The service provider supports the creation of a custom-branded gateway that matches the existing website and visual style.

Its sophisticated analytics capabilities assist in eliminating ambiguity and streamline communication both internally and externally.

Every action item has a status that can be easily checked, and reminders are automatically sent.

6. Reviewr: Submission Management Tool for Seamless Digital Experiences.

Reviewr is a platform that enhances the digital experience by collecting, managing, and assessing digital submissions in the cloud.

The submission management software allows educational institutions and other organizations to focus less on managing and more on making an impact.

It provides specialized recipes based on many years of experience and input from thousands of clients.

These tried-and-true approaches maximize the use of grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial help by utilizing instruments that are specifically built for the job.

Reviewr combines all the bells and whistles with a tried-and-true approach to simplifying processes and increasing participation.

7. CommunityForce: Application Management with No-Code Forms for All Organizations

CommunityForce is a no-code, dependable, and scalable platform for handling forms and apps.

Designed for enterprises, organizations, and educational institutions seeking digital transformation, it enables seamless management of the whole scholarship application lifecycle through a single centralized solution.

The technology allows relief efforts to be initiated in days rather than months. Furthermore, it streamlines the process by automating tedious and repeated procedures to save time.

As a result of its high-volume relief capabilities, institutions can process up to 50,000 application submissions in 30 minutes.

8. Evalato: A Comprehensive and User-Friendly Award Management Tool

Evalato is next-generation award administration software that helps you collect applications, empower judges, and choose the most deserved winners.

It makes it easy for candidates to prepare and submit their applications. Furthermore, it allows businesses the pleasure of organizing things in such an easy way.

The platform’s comprehensive but user-friendly evaluation suite enables judges to do their duties quickly and easily, utilizing any personal or mobile device.

The awards management suite allows firms to easily select and recognize the best applications.

9. Embark Campus: Comprehensive Admissions Software with Advanced Solutions.

Embark Campus is the most robust, end-to-end online admissions platform available, designed to support programs of all shapes and sizes.

It can help educational institutions achieve their goals, whether they desire a simple application with a single page or an institutional solution to manage several programs and workflows across thousands of reviews.

The platform features cutting-edge capabilities that may be used for a wide range of purposes, including enrollment, application, assessment, and recruitment.

10. RQ Awards: Seamless and Efficient Management of Scholarship, Fellowship, and Related Programs

RQ Awards’ major objective is to streamline the administration of awards, scholarships, grants, fellowships, and mentoring programs for a variety of groups, organizations, and educational institutions.

By automating program administration from start to finish, the platform makes it easier for applicants, reviewers, and administrators to complete the necessary tasks.

RQ Scholarships, which is based on the RQ Awards Online Software, allows for customizable configurations for any scholarship program.

RQ Scholarships is a user-friendly online scholarship application platform that can handle anything from simple forms to complex multi-phased evaluations.

With this, you may save hours of work by automating eligibility checks and creating custom data reports.

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