Online Master Degree Programs Scholarship: A master’s degree can lead to significant opportunities. It can help you progress your career, transition into a different profession, and possibly earn a higher salary.

However, while a master’s degree may increase your earnings in the long run, the initial expenditure of your degree program can be significant.

You’ll probably spend less time than you would in a four-year bachelor’s program, but master’s tuition is generally greater, so cost is still an important consideration to consider.

If you wish to study anywhere or in your own country while also benefiting from an international education, distance learning is for you.

Everything is done online, which makes it less expensive than studying abroad. has compiled a list of Online Master Degree Programs Scholarship to assist you in obtaining an online education for free.

Online Master Degree Programs Scholarship

Online Master Degree Programs Scholarship

1. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships is one of the best Online Master Degree Programs Scholarship on our list.

It enables students from developing Commonwealth nations to study 30+ Master’s degree courses, which are either offered in collaboration with universities in developing countries or directly by UK institutions. The scholarships cover tuition costs.

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2. Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh will award 12 scholarships to inhabitants of chosen developing countries to pursue one of the 30+ distance learning Master’s programs offered by the University.  Each scholarship will cover the entire tuition for three years.

3. Tuition-Free Degrees from the University of the People

The University of the People provides online, accredited, tuition-free American university degrees in business administration and computer technology.

The programs are taught by world-class academics from universities such as NYU, Harvard, Oxford, and others in a supportive virtual small classroom environment.

UoPeople prepares its students for employment by providing internship and mentoring programs with partners such as HP and Microsoft, in addition to academic studies in the sector.

4. edX: Free Online Courses at Premier Universities

edX is a learning platform that allows students from any country to attend free online courses offered by top universities across the world.

The course is open to anyone in the world, regardless of demographics, who wants to advance their knowledge.  Except for professional education courses, edX courses are free to everybody. Some courses charge a price for certified certifications but are free to audit.

5. (ISC)² Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship (CFCSE).

CFCSE honors up to 20 master’s-level cybersecurity students with a 3.5 or better GPA each year, regardless of whether they enroll full- or part-time, study online or in person, or attend school in the United States or abroad.

6. The Bill Walsh Scholarship

ACES presents this prize in memory of Bill Walsh, the late Washington Post editor. The group also provides five other scholarships (four for $1,500 and one for $2,500). All winners are also eligible for financial assistance to attend the annual ACES national conference.

7. Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship

This prize is given by ACHE to students of varied racial and ethnic backgrounds who are pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare management. Every year, the association gives out up to 15 awards.

8. The Altman Family Scholarship

This annual prize benefits students seeking an MS or PhD in floriculture or horticulture. Applicants must reside in the United States and enroll in a recognized program.

9. Groundbreaking Leadership Scholarship

This grant helps Asian and Pacific Islander students pursue a master’s degree. Open to students of all majors. Applicants must display leadership ability and have a GPA of 3.5 or better.

10. Dr. Wesley Eckenfielder, Jr. Scholarship

Graduate students in civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, or mechanical engineering studies, as well as environmental sciences (e.g., ecology, geology, hydrology), with a 3.0 or higher GPA, are eligible.

They must also submit a CV, an essay, transcripts, and two letters of recommendation.

11. Edward C. Bryant Scholarship

The ASA provides these scholarships to students who have the potential to make significant contributions to the field of survey statistics

The ASA is also searching for students who excel in graduate school and have practical expertise with survey statistics.

Applicants must include a CV, a personal essay, three references, academic credentials, and a headshot.


What’s the biggest mistake students consistently make when submitting scholarship applications?

The most common mistake students make when submitting scholarship applications is not proofreading them.

The scholarship selection committee examines a candidate based on their writing skills. If the application has language and spelling errors or other issues that make it difficult to read, the screening committee will form a negative view of the applicant.

They aim to ensure that the scholarship winners will reflect positively on the scholarship sponsor.

What recommendations would you give in this area?

Begin searching for scholarships and fellowships as soon as possible to avoid missing any deadlines.

If your application is rejected, request the reviewer’s comments. Some fellowship programs will provide them to you.

Addressing those remarks in subsequent applications can increase your chances of winning. (Some fellowship programs allow you to apply twice: once as a college senior and again as a first-year graduate student.)

Also, print a duplicate of the application so that it appears differently than it does on screen.

Then, read it aloud, marking it with an X whenever you stumble. Such fluctuations can be indicative of difficulties. After reading the application, address any issues and practice reading it from beginning to end without stumbling.

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