Travel insurance plans are intended to help you recover financial losses caused by trip cancellations and delays.

When you purchase travel insurance for medical coverage, you will know that you can receive a portion or all of your money back if unforeseen health difficulties or injuries force you to cancel your plans.

The MarketWatch Guides Team has researched travel insurance products and companies to help you select the best coverage.

We recommend John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance. for travel delay coverage. Find out why below.

About John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance

John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance

John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance is an established financial services company. It has almost 160 years of experience.

It is a Manulife subsidiary, and Starr Indemnity & Liability serves as the underwriter. Three travel insurance plans—Gold, Silver, and Bronze—provide a variety of travel insurance coverages to fit individual needs and budgets.

In terms of traveler age, older clients or those with pre-existing conditions value comprehensive emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Travel delay and trip interruption coverage stand out when compared to other insurance firms.

Pros and Cons of John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance


Provides extremely competitive travel insurance coverage for cancellations, interruptions, and delays. The Gold Plan provides premium medical evacuation benefits. All trip insurance options provide 24/7 emergency travel help.


Can be more expensive than competitors’ plans due to higher benefits. Baggage delay reimbursement needs a 12-hour delay.

What Does John Hancock’s Travel Insurance Cover?

John Hancock offers basic travel and medical insurance through its Bronze Plan, which includes benefits that are competitive with other insurers.

The Bronze Plan is touted as a low-cost alternative for both international and domestic travelers, covering trip expenses before and during vacations.

The Bronze Plan offers the following travel insurance coverage limits:

  • 100% of trip cancellation costs
  • 125% of trip interruption costs
  • $500 (or $150 per day) for trip delay costs such as meals and accommodation
  • $200 for missed flight connection costs, including nonrefundable trip payments
  • $200 airline ticket change fee
  • $750 baggage and personal effects reimbursement
  • $250 baggage delay reimbursement for delays of more than 12 hours
  • $50,000 emergency accident and sickness medical expenses with $0 deductible
  • $250,000 emergency medical evacuation and medically necessary repatriation
  • $250,000 repatriation of remains

Exclusions and waivers for pre-existing medical issues are subject to requirements.

Terrorist attack coverage

John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance Single occupancy supplement

John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance Silver and Gold Plans provide more comprehensive coverage.

  • Silver Plan: Trip interruption expenses for covered reasons Under this plan, prepaid fees might increase by up to 150%. Other perks include $100,000 in emergency medical expenditures and $500 for baggage delays.
  • Gold Plan: If you want a higher level of medical coverage, this premium plan includes $1,000,000 for medical evacuation and $250,000 for emergency medical bills.

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Optional Riders

Add-ons, often known as riders, are additional insurance coverage for your policy. John Hancock sells this optional trip insurance, which is included with all of its plans. Among the additional protections are:

Trip cancellation for any reason: If the cancellation occurs no less than two days before the departure date, CFAR will return up to 75% of the nonrefundable trip fees. However, it is not available to citizens of New York State.

Rental car collision: This reimburses policyholders for the cost of repairs caused by damage to a rental car that falls within the scope of covered reasons. Excess or secondary benefits total $50,000.

Accidental death and dismemberment (air only) coverage limitations range from $300,000 to $500,000.

How Much Does John Hancock’s Travel Insurance Cost?

Travel insurance costs vary depending on several criteria. These include the destination, your age, the duration of your vacation, and the insurer.

John Hancock’s plans are competitive with those offered by other insurance companies. To assist you in determining costs, we gathered sample pricing from the John Hancock website.

Does John Hancock provide 24-hour travel assistance?

John Hancock provides 24-hour emergency travel assistance with all plans, including medical evacuation coordination. Assistance services offer concierge perks, including restaurant recommendations and translation services.

How to File a Claim with John Hancock Medical Travel Insurance

Depending on their policy, travelers can file a claim with John Hancock either through the company’s website or through its customer service department. Provide supporting documentation for your claim.

For example, if you have to cancel your vacation due to illness or accident, you must provide a physician’s note as well as proof of payment for the stated expenses. Call the Claims Customer Service Department at 866-888-7803.

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