The Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students aim is to offer students scholarships so that their bright futures are not impeded by a lack of financial resources.

It is a non-profit public charity registered under 501(c)(3). This curriculum is designed specifically for students enrolled full-time at Grand Canyon University’s campus.

The Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation (GCUSF) offers this grant in collaboration with Grand Canyon University (GCU).

Each organization must pay one-half of the total amount for the prize. Also see How to Apply for the American University in Cairo Scholarships

About the Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students

Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students

Before applying for the Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students, you should be aware of the following information.

  • The award will only cover the tuition fees. The cost is around $16,500 per academic year.
  • It will also cover the enrollment and program fees. However, the total cost, including tuition fees, cannot exceed $18,000.
  • This bundle excludes lodging, meals, parking tickets, health insurance, and so on.
  • The grant is not transferable in any way. Also, it has no cash worth.

The Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students are subject to renewal each academic year. To have it renewed, students must have a cumulative GCU GPA of at least 3.0. Failure to do so will result in the grant being canceled.

Grand Canyon University Scholarships for International Students  Eligibility

Let us look at the measures that can make hopefuls qualified to apply.

Direct Start Scholarships

The parameters for this scholarship category are as follows.

  • Someone who graduated from high school between December of the previous calendar year and June of the current calendar year
  • Any overseas student attending GCU on an F-1 visa
  • Completed and submitted the application form.
  • Submit transcripts for six semesters.
  • Submit the SAT and/or ACT scores.
  • Final transcripts must be submitted by day 21 of the semester.
  • Maintenance of the specified GPA

Indirect Start Scholarships

Now, let us tell you about the other forms of scholarship available to students.

For international students who are completely admissible and attending GCU on an F-1 visa.

Applicants must provide unofficial transcripts from all institutions since high school, 24 or more attempted college credits, and official transcripts to GCU.

Other scholarships and grants from the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation

Here is a list of different grants and scholarships offered by the organizers.

The Computer Science/Information Technology/Engineering Program (CSTEP) Grant awards $1,000 every academic year to students admitted to GCU’s computer science, information technology, or engineering programs.

The Priority Registration Grant awards $750, $500, or $250 per academic year to the first set of students to enroll at GCU for the autumn semester.

The Phi Theta Kappa Grant, worth $1,000 per school year, is available to existing Phi Theta Kappa members with a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 or higher.

For more information on GCU Scholarship 2024 and Grants, Arizona, please visit


Does GCU provide full-ride scholarships?

GCU has agreed to fund all/any remaining tuition and fees, resulting in a complete tuition scholarship. To apply, go to This award is exclusively offered to conventional undergraduate on-campus students.

How much does Grand Canyon University charge for international students?

Grand Canyon University charges international students the following tuition fees: On-campus costs $16,500 per year. Online: $12,900 per year.

Does GCU welcome overseas students?

GCU strives to make international students feel like they are a part of the community. We offer a comprehensive welcome package to students in September and January, as well as social activities throughout the academic year.

Does Grand Canyon University provide free laptops?

Grand Canyon University (GCU) Online. Grand Canyon University Online (GCU) believes in educational innovation. As part of their commitment to innovation, they provide entering students with cutting-edge laptop packages.

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