Coding can be a lucrative and satisfying professional path to take. If you like working with computers, have strong analytical skills, and enjoy working with numbers, you might be a good fit for a coding position.

You may be interested in learning about the many coding jobs available. In this post, we will look at nine distinct coding careers and analyze the major tasks and salaries for each.

9 Types of Coding Jobs

coding jobs

There are several coding jobs that might interest you. Here are nine coding jobs, along with the duties and income ranges for each position. For the latest recent Indeed wages, please click on the links below.

1. Web Developer.

The national average pay is $68,311 per year.

A web developer’s primary duties include creating and launching websites. Web developers consult with clients to learn about their website visions, build websites with coding abilities, then edit and maintain them.

They also develop test website apps, collaborate with other specialists, such as graphic designers to build visual aspects for websites, and do market research to discover which types of websites are most effective.

Web developers are typically fluent in multiple coding languages and may create various website features that help their clients.

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2. Network System Administrator

The national average salary is $71,237 per year.

A network system administrator, another coding job, and his or her job is to supervise and manage a company’s network.

These specialists manage operations on a company’s servers, computers, and any mobile devices that employees may have.

Network system administrators pay special attention to the company’s technology needs and endeavor to meet them by introducing new equipment, installing new software, and maintaining existing systems.

They also guarantee that all programs are secure and run properly, as well as train staff members on any new software or technology that is installed.

3. Computer programmer

National average salary: $71,243 per year

A computer programmer’s primary responsibilities include developing software and applications.

Computer programmers test, revise, and update their code as necessary. They collaborate with other programmers and developers to create completely functional code for programs and software applications. Computer programmers also fix, repair, and rebuild broken code as needed.

4. Computer system engineer.

The national average wage is $80,862 per year.

A computer systems engineer’s primary responsibilities include building systems administration solutions for optimal functioning and accessibility through the use of complicated code.

They also create systems for networks and applications. A computer systems engineer also works in system integration, market and solution research, and software engineering.

These experts also test software and work with other developers to verify that their systems work effectively together.

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5. Mobile app developer.

The national average wage is $88,377 per year.

A mobile app developer, also known as a mobile application developer or a mobile application coder, is a professional who designs and develops mobile applications.

They develop a wide range of apps that satisfy a variety of clients’ needs. Mobile app developers frequently engage with graphic designers, authors, and artists to create visually appealing, well-written, and user-friendly apps. These professionals also troubleshoot and verify their apps’ operations, as well as rectify any coding bugs.

6. Database Administrator.

The national average wage is $90,182 per year.

A database administrator’s primary responsibilities include designing and developing databases for corporations.

These specialists edit and update databases as needed, develop security measures to secure sensitive data, and install new software and processes.

Database administrators typically work with their clients to understand their individual database needs and desires and then design a database to fulfill those requirements.

They also test their databases to verify that they are error-free, do routine maintenance on them, and address any issues that may arise.

7. Video Game Developer

The national average wage is $93,954 per year.

A video game developer’s primary tasks include generating video games for clients or the company for which they work, using their coding talents.

They may also be able to design software, applications, and websites. Video game developers generate game ideas, write the code, then test it for functioning.

They also work with other experts to make games, including graphic designers, artists, voice-over artists, and software engineers.

Video game producers may perform market research to learn about existing and popular video games and incorporate ideas and concepts from them into their own work.

8. Software Developer.

The national average wage is $94,904 per year.

A software developer is a professional who creates software for a variety of purposes and clientele.

They may develop software for games, word processors, or video and audio streaming services for usage on many forms of technology, such as laptops or tablets. Software developers create code for their products, test it, and release it for use.

They also implement these systems, update them as needed, and constantly test them to ensure they function effectively. These pros may also train their clients on how to use the program.

9. Full stack developer.

The national average wage is $103,106 per year.

A full-stack developer is someone who works on both the front and back ends of websites and applications.

Full-stack developers use many languages to produce both the visual and technical portions of a website. Full-stack developers typically work with other developers and coding professionals to create visually appealing and functional websites for their clients.

Frequently asked Questions

Are coding careers in high demand?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that computer and information technology vocations, including coding employment, would expand by 15% between 2021 and 2031. This is faster than the average for all occupations and is due to an increased desire for technology in a variety of businesses, as well as the retirement or career change of certain employees.

Is coding a fulfilling career?

Yes. If you enjoy working with computers and developing answers to everyday problems, you may find a career in coding satisfying. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of employment in this field pays more than $60,000 annually. This indicates that the career is well-paying.

Is coding an easy job to pursue?

Coding can be simple or difficult, so how easy it is depends on the organization you work for as well as your own talents and knowledge.

For example, if you are familiar with computer languages and how they interact with one another, you may find coding to be a more manageable job than someone who lacks those talents.

This may also vary depending on the number of programs and codes you create as part of your usual job. If you only develop one or two projects at a time, it may be easier than working on multiple projects at once.


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