There are many pet insurances in the United Kingdom but here is the 7 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Companies for you.

There are so many pet insurance companies around where you can get the best quote for your home pet and enjoy the benefits. In the United Kingdom before taking your pet to any vet, you need to consider getting pet insurance first. My observations show that owners who have pet insurance are better equipped to weigh predicted prognosis against cost when they are aware that some or all medical care will be covered.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It UK?

If your pet becomes ill or is hurt in an accident and needs veterinary care, pet insurance can shield you from the costs of care. It might save you from receiving an unexpected, possibly expensive, bill. Pet insurance may also assist with the following, depending on the sort of insurance you have.

Factors That Determine Pet Insurance Rates

  • Location
  • Breed
  • Size (Height, weight)
  • Age (Life expectancy)
  • Common indoor and outdoor risks in area
  • Term and length of insurance policy
  • Reimbursement Rate
  • Payout Limit
  • Plan Type
  • Policy Provider
  • Deductible

Best And Cheap Pet Insurance In the UK


The Petplan story began in 1976 with Patsy Bloom, a dog owner who was worried about her pet.

Her beloved Yorkshire terrier, Jamie, needed several unexpected trips to the vet, and the bills were mounting up. She wanted to help owners like her get the best care for their animals, without worrying about money.

So Patsy decided to set up a new kind of insurance company – one that was just for pets. She found herself a business partner, David Simpson, and with just a £500 investment, Petplan was born. The idea was a hit with animal lovers across the UK, and the rest is history.

Patsy’s legacy lives on today. We’re all animal lovers at Petplan, and as pet owners we know how important it is for your insurer to have your back when your best friend needs help. We’ve been there.

That’s why our insurance plans are designed to pay out when you need us most. In 2019, we paid out £338 million to help Britain’s pets get the best veterinary care.

Petplan key pet insurance features

Below is an overview of Petplan’s policy key features:

  • Two pet insurance policy types to choose from
  • Pet insurance for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Equine, exotic pet and pet business insurance policies
  • Petplan can pay your vet directly
  • £12 multi-pet discount per pet per year
  • No penalty for making a claim
  • 10% online discount for the first year of insurance
  • Online portal

What does Petplan pet insurance cover?

Dogs and cats are covered under Petplan’s two primary pet insurance policies, 12-month cover and Covered for Life. You may also purchase insurance for rabbits, although it is only offered as lifelong protection.

Petplan’s Lifetime cover

The best protection for your pet is lifetime pet insurance. With coverage for your pet up to £12,000 each policy year, Petplan offers three-lifetime policies: Classic, Classic+, and Ultimate. Any ailments you have claimed will be covered for the length of your pet’s life as long as you renew your policy each year after this limit has been reached.

Petplan’s Time-Limited cover

Your pet is covered by time-limited pet insurance for a specific sum of money or a specific amount of time, whichever occurs first. The time-limited coverage from Petplan covers up to £3,000 in veterinary costs for each condition for a period of 12 months after the condition was first identified. The condition is no longer covered after the first year, although any subsequent conditions can still be claimed for.

Petplan only offers two types of pet insurance but these are not the only types of pet insurance available. For more information on the different types of pet insurance read our article ‘What are the different types of pet insurance?’

Petplan pet insurance exclusions

Petplan does not offer cover for the following:

  • cross Pre-existing conditions
  • cross Any illness that starts within 14 days of opening the policy
  • cross Cremation or burial
  • cross Pregnancy
  • cross Pets used for breeding purposes
  • cross Routine care such as vaccinations and worming etc

It is important that you read each policy carefully to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions before opening the policy and making a claim.

Petplan policy types

There are two types of plans offered by Petplan: lifetime and time-limited. The most comprehensive pet insurance plan is lifetime pet insurance, which covers your pet’s illnesses and injuries for the entirety of its life. Vet bills will be covered by time-limited pet insurance up to a predetermined limit or for a predetermined amount of time.

From the age of six weeks, you can insure your cat, dog, or rabbit with a Petplan policy. However, if you wish to purchase a new Petplan policy to cover an older animal, there are some restrictions. You can only insure cats up to the age of 10, dogs up to the age of 8 (5 for some breeds), and bunnies up to the age of 5 for new Petplan Covered for Life policies. The time-limited Essential policy from Petplan does not have an upper age limit, but it is exclusively available for cats and dogs.

The Insurance Emporium

This type of insurance is best for senior pets, Its insurance policies Offer Public Liability only, Accident only, Time-limited, Maximum Benefit, and Lifetime cover

Maximum vet fee cover: Vet fees cover up to £8,000 (policy dependent). They are able to get these types of Pets insured: cats, dogs,s or horses. Emporium has a Multi-pet discount of 10%

Incase of Online, it is discounted by 20%. You Can also choose to pay your premium Lunar monthly (every 28 days), specialist policies designed for senior pets, My Emporium customer portal

Why Emporium Is On Of The Best

There’s a wide range of policies to choose from that offer good levels of cover and are also affordable. The senior pet policies mean you can still comfortably insure your pets even as they age

7 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Companies: ManyPets

ManyPets is also a type of best insurance that is best for pets with pre-existing conditions


With this company, they are the Best in Price for kittens and puppies


Great for a short waiting period for accident coverage

Prudent Pet

Great for extras


Best for annual coverage choices

We’re glad you had this piece of information about 7 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Companies very useful.

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